International Productions

C:NTACT is an independent theatre and media organisation dedicated to social and cultural integration and education, based at the Edison stage in Copenhagen, Denmark.

We cooperate with local theatres, media houses, and social organizations all around the world in order to give voice to peoples’ personal stories.

We have produced theatre and media projects in Europe, Africa, Greenland, and across the Middle East since 2008.


In one of Johannesburg’s poor areas, Hillbrow, Danish and South African theatre professionals and radio producers collaborate with young and old people to express their notions of home.

Stories Untold

STORIES UNTOLD presents the unique stories of eleven exceptional women from Tunisia, Egypt, Palestine, Lebanon, Jordan and Oman. The films are made by the women themselves with help from female directors.

A Pie of Parallel Realities

In the city of Kharkiv, close to the Russian border in Ukraine, Ukrainian and Russian speaking Ukrainians get together to tell the common story about fleeing from conflict in a musical performance.


On the stage you will meet 18 courageous and strong women Kerak and Madaba. They invite you to listen to […]

Reality Demo

Democracy in Latvia: The performance REALITY DEMO follow a project that started as a theatre summer school and a performance, taking place during the LAMPA festival in July 2016.

O Kelmeteen – And Two Words

O KELMETEEN told a tale of joy, laughter, sorrow, and loss; about discrimination and inequality. ‘O Kelmeteen’ means ‘and two words’, an idiom that refers to a message that needs to be said out loud.


The performance VITMANS was about the personal stories of men and women in Egypt, Alexandria about gender issues to create a platform to explore gender issues and inequality between sexes.

Mothers & Daughters

In the performance MOTHERS & DAUGHTERS, 13 women tell their own stories about marriage using personal storytelling on stage as a means for empowerment, understanding, and dialogue.

Our Hands Are Small – Our Dreams Are Big

This Danish/Palestinian partnership aimed to engage vulnerable and marginalised Palestinian young people in cultural activities as to create dialogue, change and reflection.

Youth’s Right to Health

Exploring a new strategy for youth sexual health promotion in Malawi; specifically the potential of theatre as a method for youth health promotion and social normative change in the local context.

Youth Voices in Zarqa

Culture can help young people in war-troubled regions. That was the idea behind a grand Danish theatre project in the Jordanian refugee camp Zarqa in the summer of 2010.

A New Image of Paamiut

Fighing stereotypes and prejudices in Paamiut, Greenland with theatre. A cooperation between C:NTACT, Napa, Paamiut Asasara, The Red Cross of Greenland & Kommuneqarfiq Sermersooq, and 60 youngsters.


Applying theater as a method to empower local communities and strengthen cross-cultural dialogue. The collaboration resulted in two theater productions with young people in Palestine.